Xmas 2011
Christmas Party 2011

In-person meetings have resumed as of 14 July 2021 at Freedom Village. MASKS ARE REQUIRED.

2021 Meeting Dates
January 13 canceled July 14
February canceled August 11
March 10 canceled September 8 presentation night
April 14 Zoom Meeting October 13
May 12 Zoom Meeting November 10 presentation night
June Zoom Meeting December 8

December 8 is the last meeting of the year. Hopefully we will have our Annual Christmas Party with snacks, cake and door prizes. Don't miss it!

Sandical 2009
Single Frame Silver Medal Winning Exhibit

Club News

Member Wins National Award ... Twice

Greg won the Silver Medal for a single frame exhibit for his "U.S. Silver Tax Stamps of 1934" exhibit at Sandical January of 2009 in San Diego. A picture of his award winning exhibit is shown to the right.

Later that same year Greg took a two day APS "On the Road" course offered prior to Sescal October of 2009 in Los Angeles on "Exhibiting for the Prize". Taking his newfound knowledge he revised his single frame exhibit and entered it at the February 2010 AmeriStamp Expo in Riverside. There he won the Gold Medal for his exhibit.

SSC Member Interests

Year 1852 Calendar with US Scott 10 & 11 Stamps

One of our members recently completed this calendar of stamps. It took about 15 years of searching thousands of stamps to complete. It is composed of the United States 1851, 3-cent, imperforate stamp (Scott catalog numbers 10 and 11). This calendar is complete and contains all 366 dates of the year, including the elusive February 29 date. During the period that this stamp was issued, February 29 only happened in 1852 and 1856. In 1857 the United States issued the first perforated stamps and the 3-cent stamp was replaced with Scott catalog number 26.